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IS Governance through Business Processes

Managing IS through Business Processes allows for supporting IS changes and transformation through standards and well equipped methodologies like TOGAF and ASAP.

Benefits of Methodologies:

  • Managing SAP® Solutions through Business Processes
  • Align both “business” point of view with “the solution” points of view, and share the same vision of operational processes
  • Guarantee that Business Requirements will be respected
  • Traceability of business requirements in relation with scenarios, processes and business activities
  • Guarantee Core Model continuity and its business processes locations, with a continuous and up-to-date gap analysis
  • Management of profiles, SoD (Segregation of Duties), AC (Access Control), PC (Process Control)
  • Cost reduction and software quality assurance
  • Alignment of business/solution/test repository

Means being used:

  • Unique Business Repository through some specialized tools
  • Well structured capture of business needs and requirements
  • Business structure becomes the connecting thread throughout the entire duration of the project

Main goals :

  • Managing preparation and realization of functional testing through business processes (requirements)
  • Supporting anomaly management
  • Supporting anomaly fixing
  • Supporting go/nogo decisions
  • Supporting impact management

​Our approach :

  • Synchronizing SAP® Solution Manager (BPH) towards HP ALM in order to recover the business structure ‘Requirements’
  • Synchronizing HP-ALM towards SAP® Solution Manager (BPH) in order to recover their test status
  • Synchronizing anomalies with SAP® Solution Manager Service Desk for anomaly/defect management
  • Synchronizing SAP® Solution Manager Business Process Change Analyzer (BPCA) results for impact management

Inventy recommends IT Excellence for... 


  • Implementing big SAP® transformations projects
  • Large-scale roll-out of SAP® solutions
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