About MEGA

MEGA is a software editor which provides an HOPEX business process modeling tool to manage SAP solutions. SAP solution lifecycle can visualized, validated and optimized through the integration of MEGA, SAP Solution Manager and HP ALM.

Business process modeling consists in describing, formalizing and sharing the company management processes, defining business requirements (key business rules), players, risks and controls related to the business activities.


  • Improve business efficiency with a global vision on in the information system
  • Business requirements described by the business for the business and other players involved in the project
  • Centralized business process repository
  • End to end global view of the processes
  • SAP Solution management by business processes
  • IS/business impact analysis

HOPEX platform services

  • Global and strategic information system vision
  • End to end process modeling
  • Business processes modeling
  • Business requirements management
  • Functional and applicative mapping
  • Business processes and SAP functionality mapping
  • Infrastructure simplification
  • Analysis
  • Functional coverage
  • IS/business impacts


  • Use TOGAF enterprise architecture framework (best practices for modeling strategy, processes, organization, IS, infrastructure)
  • Process modeling
  • Reverse engineering (Retro documentation)
  • Documentation in line with usage
  • Gap analysis (as is / to be, theoretical / real)


  • Methodologies (TOGAF, ASAP)
  • Tools (HOPEX)

MEGA also contributes to setting up an IT Excellence solution to manage IS and/or IT solutions lifecycle by business processes.

IT Excellence’s main contribution is allowing IS management by business processes with the 3 repositories (business, solution and tests) aligned.

The objective is to manage IS solutions by business processes in order to:

  • Centralize documentation
  • Facilitate implementations
  • Reduce maintenance effort
  • Strengthen Software quality assurance approach
  • Organize change management based on business processes

Inventy recommends IT Excellence in the following cases:

  • Large SAP transformation projects
  • SAP CoE