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Monitoring of technical and functional alerts

Monitoring and SAP application management is a difficult task as the monitoring needs are many and complex. SAP customers are companies equipped with multiple tools ("in-house" or editors') to manage performance and security of their SAP systems. Typical SAP monitoring tools include and provide many features, but the total use along with all their functionalities, does not guarantee an efficient SAP system.

SAP customers’ statements:

  • My tools overwhelm me with notifications - I do not know which ones I need to take into account
  • Alerts are sent to the wrong people - many alerts were never processed
  • Alerts often arrive late and do not necessarily contain the right information
  • The deployment and maintenance of all my monitoring solutions consumes time and money
  • When I wish to extend my perimeter surveillance; I need to buy a new tool or develop 'Z'! 

ARMIS automates your IT controls and business processes to manage costs, risks and performance of your tasks / activities on SAP. It guarantees a better stability, consistency of your processes such as billing, logistics, accounting period closing, and more.

ARMIS applications discharge your teams of repetitive control tasks and allow a more controlled and secured execution of your SAP processes. They alert you when events are affecting your system.Your teams will the n work on higher value activities. Control your SAP ERP by selecting topics that concern YOU: when and how YOU like.

ARMIS collects data from your SAP ABAP systems (without agent deployment) through SQL query as well as monitors that your processes run as you intend. It warns you when a particular event occurs on your systems. An 'APP' involves gathering a particular information and having an automated action chosen by you (such as sending an email).

Make the best of your sap systems with ARMIS!

Time & Cost

  • Return on investment is less than one year and can be reached in just a few months
  • The detection of an event (possibly an incident) is set to suit your needs - every 5 minutes for example
  • "The sooner you detect, the sooner you respond"
  • Report relevant information directly to the person concerned


  • Your SAP technical debt is controlled
  • The more objects you watch the more your SAP is secure and efficient
  • Your SAP processes are effective and efficient

Customize for your use

  • Market Tools either retrieve too much information, not enough or wrong information
  • With ARMIS you choose what you want to monitor
  • You decide the reaction of your monitoring objects (SMS, Email, Service Desk)
  • Finally, you decide the person to be notified; the method and the frequency

End user satisfaction

  • Your users are automatically notified of info in SAP,  that concerns them
  • Incidents will be resolved even before your users realize it

Return on investment for implementing ARMIS differs depending on the context. Some companies using SAP achieve an ROI after just two months.