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Optimize your SAP Projects

Your projects help you move forward... They bring value by allowing an improvement of your processes or towards your competitors. They also represent a major investment in terms of time and cost. The success is therefore a concern for your company...

We provide our expertise to the ALM world (Application Lifecycle Management), of service to your company to structure and industrialize the execution of your strategic projects.

Our value: during Solman's scenario integration, cover your project activities from beginning to end: methodology, progress and budget management, resource management, documenting the solution, connecting with testing activities.

SOLMAN / SAP® SOLUTION MANAGER becomes your project management cockpit!

To do this, we have 3 main focuses:


Documentation management

> Link with the requirements / modeling business
> Control / capitalization around the solution
> Ability to deploy faster and cheaper

Team and project management

> Securing cost / quality / time
> Cross resources management 
> Centralized management
> Steering standardization
> Compliance with best practices

Testing management

> Full testing strategy
> Help with the choice of tools
> Organization of testing execution
> Data Management / test environments
> Tests steering
> Securing technical performance
> Automation opportunities

Our job is to help you succeed in your projects. We understand your requirements and we rely on the best practices processes and tools to provide solutions / projects while meeting costs, quality and time constraints. We guarantee business requirements, tested by our references and reusable for your future deployments.