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Regulation management

The regulatory environment in which you operate continues to becomes more complex every day

To the legal regulatory requirements (decrees, directives, SOX, Basel III, Solvency II), you must also add standards (ISO, OHSAS), labels and internal policies that you adopt voluntarily, which are essential to survive in a highly competitive environment. The proliferation of legal texts, and also the growing internationalization of economies and the actions you lead, significantly increases the risk of being unaware of the legal standards to which you must comply. Globalization is not the only problem faced by businesses today, the risks of non-compliance may have multiple sources.

 Also, considering the impact of cyber communcation today, the lighting of a non-compliance, in addition to the legal, financial and judicial impacts, has strategic, organizational and reputational implications, that can cause considerable losses very quickly.

However, it is not enough to identify a requirement, it is also necessary to interpret it, know how to comply, drive the induced change and monitor its compliance. It is therefore necessary to have the human resources and the appropriate time. 

Inventy has the solution to help you in your regulatory compliance management approach. We also offer the ability to make you gain in performance and to obtain an optimized process thanks to SAP® Regulation Management.

Using an integrated collaborative platform to your SAP® system, you have the ability to fully manage your regulatory compliance process. An end-to-end approach combining all your operational, IT, compliance, audit and legal, that allows you to proactively respond to the pressure from internal or external auditors, and legislators. Optimize the use of your internal and external resources by eliminating redundant manual operations of your regulatory risk management process. SAP® Regulation Management is the ideal tool for your ISO certification renewals, labels or operating licenses.