Single Sign-On (SSO)

SAP® landscapes use multiple technologies and platforms and now your users need to remember multiple passwords to perform their actions. Moreover, with tighter rules and password policies (lifecycle, complexity, renewal…) your users are tempted to "keep" their passwords as a "Post-it” hidden under the keyboard! 

So you are looking to simplify authentication while ensuring a high level of security. In a simple and sustainable solution to meet constant changes.

 Inventy helps your Center of Expertise to achieve an authentication authority based on your platforms and to ensure a high level of security in favor of a Single Sign-On Service (SSO) for SAP® users, also mobile for data exchange in and out of your SAP® landscape.

Based on what you already have, we simplify the identification procedures without sacrificing security and we centralize the individual authentication means to facilitate access to services:

  • To help you make the right choices, we analyze the existing situation, the behavior of your users, servers, architecture, incoming and outgoing flows as well as the protocols supported within your SAP® landscape.
  • We are experts in SAP® Solution Single Sign-On, a software suite capable of meeting all the requirements of an SAP® environment.

Beyond your internal connections, you may be about to open your services outside of your corporate network?

Find out how to strengthen the external authentication

  • Automatic and secure connection
  • A simplified user experience
  • A significantly improved satisfaction of your users
  • Enhanced security
  • "Clean" keyboards !