Strong authentication

Your users are increasingly mobile and geographically distributed. They want to access what they need, no matter where they come from and whatever device they own. To meet market needs, your organization must be connected and requires you to open up access to your information systems from public networks and the Internet. To ensure that your users are who they say they are, you need a solution to protect identities, and strong authentication can help you.

Inventy accompanies you to develop a method to ensure the identity of all these different users: strong authentication solution, sometimes called multi-factor authentication, which goes well beyond a simple password.

From your technical and security requirements, we integrate the SAP® Single Sign-On Solution to meet strong authentication scenarios:

  • Integration with an existing PKI infrastructure and X.509 certificates generation on the fly. In this case, the user identification is enhanced by a certificate.
  • Enabling multiple authentication methods with SAP® Authenticator, unique password generator. In this case, the user is identified by a code generated from a mobile terminal in addition to his password.
  • The use of access policies determined by contextual information (for example, time, origin, primary authentication method, device used…) and risks with regard to this information to determine the appropriate method of authentication.

These mechanisms and services can also be adapted for internal purposes, including for access to critical resources that you would like to protect with stronger security, beyond Single Sign-On authentication.

  • A secure connection
  • Enhanced security
  • More protection for services offered on the internet