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6 tips to make the best of your SAPPHIRE NOW!

Four days of conference, more than 200 exhibitors and close to 1,900 sessions. How can you make sure you don’t miss anything and get all you need from this SAPPHIRE?

From our gurus at Inventy, here are our top advices, beyond the usual stuff (take good shoes, sunscreen and your sun glasses!).


1 - Define your objectives

There is too many interesting information available and people to meet at SAPPHIRE, defining your objectives is key.  

The first step is to build a list of objectives ahead of the conference. We usually recommend asking yourself and in your organization these questions:

  • What are the business challenges we face today?
  • What information do we need to build our SAP roadmap?
  • What are the SAP issues we need to solve?

Put those objectives together with your colleagues and prioritize them.


2 - Share your objectives with your SAP Account Manager

Being part of SAP, your account manager can help optimize your trip to Orlando:

  • Which session(s) should be on your agenda
  • Setup meetings with product managers
  • Meet the right partners

3 - Define your plan

With your objectives in mind, build a list of:

  • Interesting sessions by priority and topics
  • SAP product managers you would like to meet
  • Other clients you would like to discuss with
  • Exhibitors you would like to meet

The following links can help you prepare:

Don’t forget to check the tracks built by SAP (by industry, persona, objective, …)


4 - Plan

You probably won’t be able to do everything on your list, so planning is key. Get your list and prioritize based on your objectives.

If you’re double booked, check if a colleague can attend or if the session is available at another time.


5 - Contact your partners

Not all SAP partners are exhibitors, so make sure to get in touch with your partners before SAPPHIRE to use this opportunity to meet them in person.


6 - Last but not least, come say Hi!

Don’t forget to stop by our booth, #1078. We’ll have cool gifts and a wine tasting event on Wednesday.

You will discover how we help our clients optimize their business & IT by automating the improvement process of SAP Solutions!

We will also have two awesome clients who will share their journey with us:

  • Session #ASUG11727: Aziz Souah, CIO at Optorg | Our journey improving our SAP solutions to deliver greater value  
  • Session #ASUG11631: Michel Belanger, COE director at Pharmascience | Our journey improving security and compliance for SAP solutions


More information here: https://www.inventy.com/en/news/meet-us-sapphire-now-2018