Webinar: Crystal Ball visibility into your SAP system

Where will you focus your budget in your SAP environment?


Where will you focus your budget in your SAP environment?
Imagine taking 3 days to get crystal ball visibility into your system.

In just 3 days you can gain insight from over 1000 KPI’s that will monitor, measure, benchmark and show you were your points of weakness or opportunity are in your SAP environment allowing you to budget and plan your roadmap.  

Still not sure if HANA is right for you?
End the debate and build a business case with prediction and simulation on how your business will accelerate using SAP’s roadmap (HANA, FIORI, Solman, etc.) with predictive analytics and simulation. 

Explore the possibilities

Inventy N.A. offers a Management Dashboard, Performer for SAP, that gives you factual roadmap decisions that will reduce your SAP budget up to 40%?

•    Benchmark against your SAP peers with over 1000 KPI’s
•    Gain predictive knowledge
•    Diagnose system business performance
•    Reduce technical code debt
•    Identify custom code for compatibility for HANA
•    Gain faster release strategies
•    Achieve 360 view into security and vulnerabilities
•    Reduce your annual SAP project and system spending
•    Gain LEAN management for AGILE or DevOps

Inventy is an international SAP solution partner focusing on a Saas based Dashboard that provides IT intelligence on your SAP environment.  In addition, Inventy is a market leader in SAP Solution Manager, IT optimization, Security/IDM, Change control management and overall cost optimization. Inventy is a member of the SAP Startup Focus program.


Benjamin Rouger

Susan Weaver
V.P. Sales US Market

Date: August 31th
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 am ET