Webinar: Drive your digital transformation success

The most successful digital transformation is based on data!



The Internet of Things is here to stay... Digital transformation can significantly impact your bottom line.   

Discover how to bring your SAP® data alive for your digital transformation

PERFORMER FOR SAP®… 360° independent transparency into your SAP® environment to measure, diagnose, simulate and predict your performance success. 

The difference in success lies in how you put data to use.  Leaders are more likely to have access to a consistent set of current metric with which to make decisions and are able to generate predictions about their business.  Digital leaders are 2x more likely to use analytics to prescibe business actions (2016 CIO report). 

Be a digital leader 

  • 1200+ KPI’s and measurement points
  • Business case simulation
  • Predictive analytics on benefits
  • The only tool to complete your digital transformation.

Measure | Benchmark | Simulate | Improve


Inventy offers Performer for SAP® as a result of market need for 360° independent transparency to evaluate the success and agility of your SAP environment.  In addition, Inventy brings your market leadership expertise and services in SAP Solution Manager, IT optimization, Security/IDM, GRC, Change control management and overall cost optimization for your SAP environment.


Benjamin Rouger

Susan Weaver
V.P. Sales US Market

Date: November 17th, 2016
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 am EDT