Regulation management

To the legal regulatory requirements (decrees, directives, SOX, Basel III, Solvency II), you must also add standards (ISO, OHSAS), labels and internal policies that you adopt voluntarily, which are essential to survive in a highly competitive environment. The proliferation of legal texts, and also the growing internationalization of economies and the actions you lead, significantly increases the risk of being unaware of the legal standards to which you must comply.

Fraud management

Fraud is an issue which appears in media reports each and every day. In fact, studies show that fraud is increasing with different types (misappropriation of assets, cybercrime, accounting fraud, impersonation fraud) and increasingly complex methods. The management of corporate fraud is...

Risk and process management (GRC)

Automated compliance, monitoring and management of internal controls at all levels of the company are needed regardless of your industry or the size of your organization. With our expertise and knowledge of GRC tools, we allow you to improve the effectiveness of your controls on your computer systems. We assist you to align, optimally control and 

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